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We are agent for Baillie Lumber Co on the french market. The production of temperated hardwood is traditionnaly in random width. However the production capacity of this company allows us to offer you from their yards the squared edge lumber here below :
Photos of the Baillie Lumber yards


WHITE OAK (Quercus spp) FROM 4/4 to 12/4 "

The production line is now in fixed width withs a selection every half inches . Therefore it is possible to prepare full loads of lumber with eventually only one width : for instance
7 to 7½ ".
In addition to this new line we can provide you with ripped strips in your widths with the milimeter precision.
With their new line facilities Baillie Lumber Co is today able to provide you with a higher quality than Prime called Superprime
with the following criterias :
- Nearly no knots
- Nearly no sap or wane
- Whiter boards which exclude the chestnut oak for instance.

BLACK CHERRY (Prunus serotina) FROM 4/4 to 12/4 "

The standard we use is red one face with a minimum of 50% red on the reverse. As for the white oak we are also able to provide you with fixed widths in relation with your exact needs.

HARD MAPLE (Acer Saccharum) FROM 4/4 to 12/4 "

Baillie Lumber Co are located in the best area for this specie : New York State . The standard quality from the NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) is called 1 and 2 white with 1 face white 50% of the reverse white. As for the white oak we develop for this specie a quality called Superprime with nearly 90% white 4 faces.
Also we can also provide you with full load of fixed widths.


We have a permanent stock of cherry sawlogs ready to be shipped at the port and we make the inspection of any of the current species here under we have a special knowledge :

BLACK CHERRY (Prunus serotina)  sawlogs and veneerlogs

HARD MAPLE (Acer Saccharum)  sawlogs and veneerlogs

RED ALDER (Alnus Rubra)  sawlogs and veneerlogs

We will be happy to quote you any of those items.